Baggage – check it at the door.

Everyone has some kind of baggage that they carry through life. It can be regrets, resentments, grief and things that you have no control over. Carrying this through life makes it harder to move forward. Your baggage can get heavier and heavier if you don’t deal with it.

Whatever it is that you keep holding onto it is keeping you from having a positive and happy life. Look at what is in your baggage. Think about why you’re still holding onto it. Consider if it is helping you or hurting you. And then get rid of it.

There are many ways to do this. The primary way is to make a decision to let it go. This is in your thinking and your actions.

But some people need a symbolic way to let it go. I have seen people write their baggage on a balloon and release it or pop it or let the air out. I have seen others write it on a piece of paper and burn the paper. At a workshop I attended there was a piece of old luggage for each person. They wrote down every single thing they wanted to let go of. They put it into the piece of luggage. And put it outside the door of the room. We then proceeded with the workshop which dealt with the mental side of letting it go. But the final stop was after the workshop. As we walked out of the room we said goodbye to our baggage and kept walking.

Whatever method you use it is time to let go of your baggage. There is so much more for you to do today and in the future. I think it’s time for your baggage to go on it’s own trip – out of your life. Of course that is up to you. But for me it has made me more positive open and honest person. I can do the same for you.

Feel free to share how this made you feel. Then share it with others!

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