Be Sincere…not sarcastic. Keep it positive.

Did you know that the word “sarcasm” can be traced back to the Greek verb sarkazein?  According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary sarkazein initially meant “to tear flesh like a dog”.  It eventually was a reference for “biting of a lip in rage”, “gnashing your teeth” and today the more common reference of a sneer or hurtful remark. But if you think of the original meaning…that really paints a picture – doesn’t it?  A sarcastic comment at someone else’s expense may seem funny – but if you imagined that the comment tore at their flesh – you might rethink how funny it really was.

In my mid-20’s I was sarcastic.  It mostly happened when I was hurt by others. And I used it as a way to protect myself.  It was kind of like “I’ll say this before you can hurt me with your words”.  Over time, it was something that made me sad and made others not want to be around me.  I have learned that I spend the most time with myself! I want to be someone who even I would like to hang out with.

When I was a young girl, there was a show called “Maude”.  Bea Arthur was the actress playing the main character.  She was very sarcastic.  It was a hit show and they dealt with some serious topics from time to time. People would laugh when she would slam the door in someone’s face.  Or if she made a sarcastic remark that made the other person look stupid.  Looking back – she was mean. Sarcasm is not nice and it is definitely not positive.

Sincerity!  That is the way to go.  Merriam Webster Dictionary describes sincerity as “the quality of being free from pretense, deceit or hypocrisy.”  It is being honest, genuine, truthful, trustworthy, integrity.  Obviously, it is not as “funny” to people when you are sincere.  However, it is KIND.  It is POSITIVE.  I think that people are more likely to want to be around me when I am sincere.

Take some time today and think about which direction you tend to go in.  Are you sarcastic or sincere? There is always a choice.  Be someone who YOU want to be around… Be an inspiration to others to be positive.

Be Sincere…not sarcastic. Keep it positive.

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