Believe in yourself.

It can be a struggle sometimes when you try to do something new. Especially when it’s something that you aren’t sure of but want to do well. Having confidence or believing in yourself plays a large part in your ability to succeed.

You may even have people around you who say you can’t do it – or give up. They – are – not – you. They are doing something called projecting. They are putting their fears and anxiety on you. It is your choice to take it – don’t. Just believe in yourself.

Seek out those people who believe in you. They will give you strength, encouragement and support! In the movie, “The Wiz”, Diana Ross played Dorothy and she sang to her friends – Believe in Yourself, Like I believe in You! You can watch that inspiring video from the movie by clicking here. Believe In Yourself

When you feel you are struggling- tell those people who are your friends and Champions. They will believe in you – until you can believe in Yourself again.

Remember that you are unique – special- and you have talents and skills! Be proud of yourself when you reach a goal whether it’s small or HUGE. And be proud of yourself- even if no one else notices your accomplishment.

Just believe in yourself- like I believe in you.

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