Don’t be afraid – to have fun!

Yesterday a group of people I work with went out bowling. None of us are on a bowling league and none of us are joining the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association). But one thing we all did – was have fun!

We cheered for each other. We ate pizza. Talked about our lives. We smiled a lot. And when we got gutter balls we all went – oh well. And then we moved on and kept having fun. There were even a few of us who kept sharing the same bowling ball because it felt like the right one for us.

Life is too short to not have fun. I think it’s worth it to take the risk of looking silly too! No one is perfect. And trying to be that way is stressful for that person and those around you.

If bowling isn’t your thing, pick something else! Play charades, go to karaoke, go to a concert, just go outside and blow bubbles. Whatever you think will make you smile, laugh and let go. It will help you and those around you to feel positive.

Have fun!

Feel free to share how this made you feel. Then share it with others!

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