Love. You can do it. Just Love.

Love. There are a countless number of songs, movies, books, poems and more written about love.  What am I going to say about love that you don’t already know?

As a teenager I imagined that love was what you see in the movies.  I thought that “Gone with the Wind” was a romantic movie. I thought it would have been great to be Scarlett O’Hara. And have Rhett Butler scoop me up in his arms and carry me -like in the picture…  But as I got older, I found that there is much more to love than romantic love.

I love you Rhett Butler! (Sharon O’Hara… LOL)

I learned over the years that I deeply love my family and friends.  And it is entirely different from romantic love.  It is about connection, support, trust and  being there when times are tough.

My relationship with God is a completely different love. My God is patient, kind, understanding and there for me when I make mistakes and forgives me. God is also my confidant who I talk to when I feel like no one in the world understands what is in my heart.

I also learned that sometimes people are scared to love because they can get hurt. But I believe that the same place in our heart where we feel pain – is the same place we feel love.  If you put a barrier between yourself and others to avoid pain – you can also miss out on love.

Love is sitting side by side.

When love is real you are in it TOGETHER.  With your friends, family, significant other, your God and YOURSELF.  My view on romantic love has changed now that I am a grown woman.  I love God, my husband, parents, brother and sister-in-law, our extended family and my wonderful friends .  I know that it takes hard work and kindness to make love work.  It takes effort to truly “see” the other person and letting them know they matter to you – every day.

Love. You can do it.  Just Love.

Feel free to share how this made you feel. Then share it with others!

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