Music – The Soundtrack of Life. 2018 Edition….

My blog has been up and running since March 10, 2017… Alot has happened since then.  I now work at a great company that is aligned with my thinking about so many things… including MUSIC.  In honor of the 1 year anniversary of the blog and acknowledgement of the impact MUSIC has in my daily life – including work… please enjoy my blog from March 22, 2017. ROCK ON!


Music is used for many things: to create a peaceful environment, to lift spirits, create inspiration, to celebrate special times and more.  Why do you think that is? I think it’s because we connect our favorite music and lyrics to memories and emotions that have made us feel one way or another.

Have you ever been in the car and your favorite song comes on the radio?  Oh yeah!  Time to turn it up and sing along!  And who cares if not all the notes are on key?!  Those few minutes bring a feeling of great happiness, joy and release.  A release of whatever is weighing on your mind.

I enjoy going to concerts and I love a wide variety of music: Rock, Country, Classical, Jazz, Blues, New Age, Religious, Showtunes (aka Musicals), R&B, Folk music.  One of my favorite musicians is Rick Springfield. He’s still rocking, recording and touring since the 1970s.  I have a great time dancing and singing along to his music.  I also enjoy the songs that make me think about how we treat each other in life. His music has often brought me comfort and joy!

Rick Springfield – Cleveland, OH 9.11.2015 (photo by Sharon Berezne)

What is your favorite music?  Your favorite singer and/or musician? Do the music and lyrics make you happy?  Do you have a better attitude after listening to it?  Take time to consider the music is making up the “soundtrack of your life”.

I know that not everyone gets to meet their favorite musician.  I am lucky enough to have been able to meet him.  When I had the chance, I told him that his music got me through some tough times in my life.  After I told him that, we took this picture together.

Rick Springfield and Sharon Berezne 11.12.2016

I don’t know if you can read my t-shirt in the picture.  It says: Take a Chance. Run Wild. Create Beauty. Believe in Love. Travel Far. Stay Young.

And I will add one:  Be Positively Inspired!

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