No Man (or Woman) is an Island.

“No Man is an Island” is a phrase in a poem by John Donne.  It speaks to the fact that we are part of a larger world or community.  Some people think that they have to do everything themselves.  And that asking for help is a sign of weakness.  Acknowledging that we need help and that we are all connected in some way is part of how I stay positive.

Oil Painting by Martha Kremer – No Man is an Island

Like many people, when I have felt alone and unsupported, I isolate.  This is what many people do and it is actually the opposite of what we need to do to feel better!  We are NOT ALONE.  Whatever you are going through, I guarantee that there are others out there dealing with the same struggle.  Reach out to others and know that you are part of something greater.

This doesn’t mean that everything will be sunshine and roses.  But it does mean that you will have people to be supportive and listen to you. In the world there are also people who will not understand your struggle or your point of view.  That’s okay!  They are human beings who have struggles different from yours.

Your journey in life is just that – YOUR Journey.  No person can do it for you.  But you are not on that journey alone.  There are companions out there on their own journeys that will cross paths with yours.  You can get to know others and share some of what you have in common.

You would be amazed that the person who works in your office, live in your neighborhood, works out at your gym – only a few feet away – has had pain, joy, anxiety, silliness, beauty, heartache, love, concern, fear and confusion … just like you.  Why is that?  Because you are a human being and guess what? They are too! Talk to people… and you will find it to be true.

We are all on this journey of life together.  Find those who understand and let them know that you understand too.  No Man – Or Woman – is an Island.  We are in this together.  Stay Positive.  Positively Inspired.

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