Patience is a virtue… Hurry up!

I know that patience is a virtue. But I can’t wait to have it! For those that struggle with being patient, you get the joke.

It’s hard to be patient when you really want something to happen. I have been through many experiences like that in my life. But I want to share a little bit about my dog, Luke.  He really wants to go for a walk right now. He doesn’t want to wait because I am typing this.  In fact, he knows that if he looks at me long enough like this, whines a little and scratches at the front door — he’ll get his way.  But he really doesn’t want to wait.

Luke 2017
Luke 2017

I know that when it comes to human beings, we do the same things.  When we are waiting for things to happen we have all kinds of reactions.  We might give someone “the look” — like “let’s go!”  Or we have our own version of whining. It might be less of whine and more of a heavy sigh.  (You know who you are! Because you probably just sighed.)  But we don’t scratch at the door. Instead we might cry, shout, give the silent treatment or just complain outright that we want things done now and the way we want.

Does being impatient, make things better or happen faster? Sometimes it can move things along.  But it comes at a cost.  We waste the time we spent complaining and miss out on the present moment.  When the moment comes and we got what we want it often is not enjoyed as much.  Mostly because we are thinking “Finally!”  “It took long enough!”

Luke in the backyard. Waiting patiently.

When my dog was in the backyard one day, he was smelling the grass and flowers.  He was just running around having fun.  No whining, no scratching and he wasn’t giving me “the look”.  In fact, I think he looks pretty relaxed in this picture.  The more we can be patient in our lives, the more enjoyment there is in each moment.

Take a tip from Luke – relax and go for a walk!

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