Perspective. A positive one.

Now and then I will look at something and another person will see it differently than I do. You may remember the whole internet sensation in 2015 where people argued about the colors of a dress.  Some said it was black and gold and others said it was a blue and white.  At the time I thought, “Who cares?!?” But I was curious – was it just a matter of perspective? Is that how it works with being positive or negative? Do we just need to look at things as positive?

Do you see a bed with towels or a smiling face?

I do believe it is a decision to decide how you want to look at the world and your day-to-day life.  When you look at the picture above, do you see a bed with sheets and a towel on it…. or do you see a smiling face?  I see a smiling face! Score one for team positive!

My husband and I were in Eze, France which is located between Nice and Monaco.  The city is built into a rocky hill above the sea.  It is so beautiful there . They built narrow cobblestone, pedestrian-only streets. One of the most famous people to live there was Frederich Nietzsche who, in the 1880s, used to walk up and down a hill path to the sea thinking about his philosophy on life.

At the top of the hill, just above the village, is an exotic garden. Filled with statues of goddesses, cacti, winding paths and wonderfully relaxing spaces and lookout points.  It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  Ever.

Did I mention that there are ONLY stairs and NO ELEVATORS? To get water delivered to the shops and restaurants, the man in the picture below takes this huge container up every large stone step with a cart. Do you think he is happy and positive about this?

Happy water delivery guy? No elevator – only stairs!

YES!  He told us as he smiled and laughed, that there is only one way to get the water up there!  And this is it!  He said that people appreciate his work so much and it’s a good work out!  AND that the trip down is A LOT easier!

He is happy and positive!

We have choices about how we look at life. We can be the person who complains every step of the way.  But I think instead that life is more enjoyable when we are the person who says: I see the smiling face! I see these steps as a good workout! I see a beautiful dress and so do you! (Who cares what color it is?).

As Friedrich Nietzsche said “There are no facts, only interpretations.” Something to think about… Interpret your life to be POSITIVELY INSPIRED!

Feel free to share how this made you feel. Then share it with others!

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