The Future is Female – Happy International Women’s Day!

Yesterday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day.  There are billions of women around the world who make a difference.  I am sure by now that you have heard the phrase – “the future is female”.  It’s been around for decades.  So to all my male readers – this is not about putting you down.  It is about lifting women up.  To point out that we matter and we can continue to make a difference at a larger and grander scale in the world.

It’s important to be confident and proud of your accomplishments in life. In my opinion it is even more important to be confident and proud of who you are as a woman.

Sometimes, the first thing a woman is asked is – are you married?  Do you have kids?  Do you work outside the home?  Interesting that I rarely have heard a man asked these questions… But I digress.  Whether a woman is married, has children and where she works should not be the only categories that indicate she has value in the world.  I have many friends who are not married and don’t have children – they bring great value into the world. For more information on resources related to this go to or  .  I don’t have children – I know I bring value into the world.

So here where I am going with my blog this week.  Women matter.  All of them.  Just like the Black Lives Matter Movement – it is not about putting down other groups.  The Black Lives Matter Movement is about recognizing the pain and struggle that African-Americans have dealt with (and still do) – racism, Jim Crowe laws, lynchings and mistreatment.  That is not okay.  It matters that it happened and the movement is putting a spotlight on that.

Women still deal with  sexism, inequality, sexual harassment, condescending behavior from some men in society.  The goal here is to reduce this as much as possible with education of the facts and suggest solutions to make this better.  Being positive and standing up for yourself are not mutually exclusive.  Tell people when their behavior is not okay.  It is positive to let others know that you matter – that you have value.  Don’t think for a minute that people already know you add value – sometimes you need to remind them.

Think about all the things that you do in your life to make a difference.  Take a positive step today. Be inspired. Be Positively Inspired.


Feel free to share how this made you feel. Then share it with others!

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