Trying vs. Doing — a Positive Perspective Shift…

I’ve always thought that when someone says they are going to “try” to do something, there is no commitment in it.  That they aren’t really going to do what they say they will “try” to do.  I have found that to be true in my life.  And a conversation I had with someone recently reminded me of that.  It is definitely a commitment when you say “I am going to do it.”  It is a way of stating that this is now your goal and you are actively going to pursue it.

For example, have you ever invited someone to a party or an event you are hosting and they say, “I’ll try to make it”?  Does that person ever attend your event after saying that?  No. Very rarely does try mean do.

It is good to “try” new things.  But it is not a good thing to “try” someone’s patience.  This is all very trying… okay I digress.

All of this reminds me of the character Yoda’s comment in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back”.  He is talking to a young Luke Skywalker who says that he is trying to do something but it is hard.  Yoda responds “Do. Or Do Not.  There is no try.”

Copyrighted – Lucas Films

Where I am going with this is that when you are ambivalent about a certain course of action it is hard to stay positive.  When you commit to a goal and a course of action, make a plan and then execute that plan – it is easier to stay positive. This doesn’t mean that the path is easy or even clear for you to see where things are going.  But it does give you a light to work towards that is bright and positive.

I am doing what is needed to have a positive life.  I am taking my opportunities to be joyful and active in my own life.  It is a choice to look at life from this point of view.  It’s a positive perspective.  To have this perspective you have to make a shift from Trying to Doing.  Give it a … Try? NO!  DO IT!.

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