You are special.

Have you ever heard of Fred Rogers, from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood?  If not, please see a movie that I highly recommend called “Won’t you be my neighbor?”  If you do know who  he is, what comes to mind when you hear his name?  For me it is kindness, patience, smiles, friendly, positive and the “land of make believe”.  His show came out the year that I was born and I watched it all the time.  Many of the things he spoke about and taught to children through his shows, apply to all of us as human beings. He was a living example of inspiring people with being positive.

Mr. Fred Rogers – You are Special.

He told people that they are special.  When it comes down to it, we are special.  We are unique.  There is no one else exactly like us in the world!  Even if you are a twin, you have your own thoughts, feelings and ideas.  When you have a hard time being positive, remember that.  It is a wonderful thing to know that you have special talents that you bring to the world.  Don’t hide them.  Don’t keep them to yourself.

Could you imagine if someone like Thomas Edison had kept his talents to himself? Or how about Alexander Graham Bell? Those talents led to lights and telephones!!  If your special talent is listening to others who are in need, who are struggling — share that talent.  There are many people who feel that no one understands and that no one listens to them.  They need your special talents.

Some people feel that telling others they are special leads to a feeling of entitlement.  I don’t agree at all.  Entitlement comes because people don’t learn how to appreciate what they have.  That it totally different from being told that you have value.  You matter.  You are special.  If you are struggling to find the positive in your life – remember that there is always another chance to turn things around.  A chance to choose to be positive and happy.

I challenge you to look in the mirror once a day and tell yourself, “You are Special.”  At first, you may think this is silly and you may laugh or joke about it.  But if you keep this up, overtime, YOU will believe you are special.

Thank you Mr. Fred Rogers for bringing such a positive attitude to all of us who watched your shows, sang your songs and loved you.  May we carry the positive message to others, that you are SPECIAL – JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU.

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